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M. Velasquez , Independent Writer & Creative Director
Magic Desk is our number one resource for value-added JE/EJ translation and adaptation. Projects are executed with a consistently high level of proficiency and fast turnaround, and usually supplemented with helpful insights into local business news, practices and jargon. We especially appreciate MD's willingness to go the extra mile to understand the specific requirements and milieu of each project from technical manuals to sensitive business correspondence, so as to ensure effective, polished communication. In our view, MD is more than a translation agency. it is a language consultancy.

Bernd F. Langer , President, Concept International Co., Ltd.
Concept International has been in business for over 30 years serving major Japanese and international corporations to communicate their message to their respective audience. When accuracy and consistency are absolute requirements, we believe the skilled individual translator is always the first choice, as opposed to the faceless translation agency. Mr. Okajima consistently delivers first-class translations and never misses a deadline. He has helped us out of many tight spots. His good work has greatly contributed to our success and reputation in the field of corporate communications. We are happy to be able to rely on Mr. Okajima and can highly recommend him.

Dan Balaban , Chief in Editor, Card Technology Magazine
I asked Minoru to collaborate with me last summer on an in-depth profile I was writing about an executive at large Japanese company. Since the article was scheduled to run as a cover story, it had to break new ground and reveal as much as possible about the subject of the piece. Minoru exceeded my expectations in every way with the assignment. He conducted multiple interviews with the story subject and the subject's current and former colleagues. He went beyond the questions I provided and drew out each interviewee to provide telling and valuable quotes and details. He then translated and interpreted his recordings of the interviews into almost error-free English and gave me complete transcripts. To accomplish this and meet my deadline, he worked many extra hours and was available anytime of the day and night to answer questions and offer suggestions. The information and details from the interviews were the basis for one of the most well-regarded stories we've ever run in the magazine. Minoru is a real find, and I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Steve Atkins , Gesch Bftsf ・rer CEO, Krowne Communications Group
At a time when Japanese technology, business and the economic impact of both have a far reaching and substantial effect upon the world markets, it is imperative that editorial and journalistic integrity, style and substance are of the highest caliber. ?That's why C-ITV and Security-News.TV have always been grateful that when it comes to the Japanese markets they can call upon Minoru Okajima from Magic Desk. His journalistic credential are beyond reproach and his professionalism, writing skills and ability to capture the essence of a news story for our industry is unsurpassed. Without Minoru Okajima, there is no Japanese input into our On-Line Broadcast Network.

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